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University has finished May 16, 2009

Posted by mariobarreiro in Dundee.

I had officialy finished my first second year at the University. I used to say that it was my first second year as I got directly into the second year, thanks to my other studies and background. Anyway, I will be back for the third.

Throughout the whole season I had discovered and understood different subjects which were into my mind the previous years. Probably the most exciting was Macroeconomics, which is on the mouth of every politician these days due to the credit crunch, financial crisis or whatever it is called.

A global picture is in my mind about how Macroeconomics works and now it is time to jump to the next stage and try to understand how the global system can be fixed and which rules have to drive it.

Marketing was another subject I was working with. It helped to review all the concepts I was working with in my previous studies of Marketing, and several books were over my desk in the last two months. I think that Marketing should be a mandatory module even in school. It is so easy to be cheated!

Regarding to Markerting, we needed to make ten reflective journals with the concepts we reviewed every week. I will post all of them in the following days. Maybe they are helpful in the future for someone.



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